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Lakeside Pocket Garden

From a Seed a Garden Grows

The new Lakeside District Association Perennial Pocket Garden is nearly done blooming for 2010 but the choice of plants, native Michigan Perennials will insure that once spring 2011 begins to warm the earth, flowers will again bloom.

The garden was born from a seed of an idea and a suggestion to lot owner Joe Booker that with a little effort the lot could be transformed from an old parking lot to a thing of blooming beauty, a community flower garden providing much needed green space in Lakeside. After many volunteer hours, a generous grant from the Muskegon Community Foundation and some creative fundraising by the Lakeside District Association, the garden is near completion. Michigan plant expert, Paul Kurdziel (and Bunker Principal) chose the bulk of the plants based on their Michigan genome designation, making them easy to propagate in Michigan climate. Volunteers cleared the lot, built the boxes, erected a new fence, planted border shrubs, watered, fertilized and weeded. They painted adjacent buildings spread mountains of mulch, began a mural and made plans for completion. The projected completion date is spring 2011.

The finished garden will have benches, lighting, an area of aggregate in the center for easier access, a picnic area and artwork. It will be a welcoming vista of flowers for visitors to the area and a beautiful physical presence representing what community can do given perseverance, pride, financial encouragement and the realization that “we” are all “they”.

If you are indeed “they” and would like to volunteer at a Lakeside Community event like “Spring Into Lakeside”, “Holidays in Lakeside, McGraft Park Free Summer Concert or would like to help with spring garden and planter projects please contact us.

Thanks top all volunteers for being “they” especially Paul Kurdziel and his students.

Shirley Green and family
Sally and Dick Pleiming
Elouise Heftje
Joe and Renee Booker
John Steinbach
Dick Ghezzi
Louise Hopson
The Muskegon Community Foundation and all those that have given freely of their resources, time and energy.

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