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More Road Construction...

Lakeshore Drive Road Construction...
Road closures started October 22, 2020
and should be completed soon.

10 22 2020 road closure map

“The City has spoken with our contractors and engineers, and in order to give businesses and residents more time to prepare for the temporary closure on Lakeshore Drive we will be moving the project start to the week of October 19th, 2020 rather than this Wednesday the 14th. A start date within that week will be forthcoming, as the concrete contractors are retooling their schedule to accommodate our request. Additionally, it is important to clarify that access to businesses and homes WILL be available through the local traffic detour highlighted in gold on the provided map. Traffic not visiting homes or businesses will be asked to use the “thru traffic” detour highlighted in green on the map. By closing all lanes to complete this work, much of which is located in the middle of the street, we will reduce the time that any closures or detours are necessary and also avoid these damaged areas having to sit through a winter. Thank you to the Lakeside neighborhood for being patient and communicative, and as always we are happy to answer any questions or listen to feedback on this project.”

Here is what to expect:
The crosswalks that require repair and closure of the road are at Moon, Addison and Laketon/Lakeshore.
Other concrete repairs will be completed at that time as well to a few miscellaneous sidewalk slabs and some curb and gutter that had been damaged since the work was completed last year.

Daniel J. Sorek, PE | Prein&Newhof | t. 231-798-0101  d. 616-432-6705

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